Monday, 8 October 2012

Madagascar – The Litchi Tree, Joffreyville

Picture: The smallest chameleon in the world...leaf chameleon
Madagascar, location: Indian ocean, approx. 250 miles from East Africa. (Worlds 4th largest Island).

Joffreyville location: Found at the Northern tip of Madagascar, close to Amber Mountain rainforest reserve.

Famous for: Lemurs, Chameleons, Mongoose and Tenrecs, as well as a range of other endemic flora and fauna).

Tsara Komba – Nosy Komba, Madagsacar

Picture: A female black lemur (the males are black - honest)    
Nosy Komba, location:
Small island off the North West coast of Madagascar

Famous for:  Black lemurs, chameleons, sea life and complete relaxation.

When to go: It really depends on what you would like to see. There are two distinct seasons in Madagascar, wet (November – April) and dry (May – October).